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Paper Box Type-3

Published time: 2024-05-19 08:07

Hello Everyone! Today Huayinprinting.com is going to share another 2 more paper box type which is really special. One is good for small gift or candy and another one is widely used in displaying in the showcase as it has a window. The same as other paper box types we introduced before, both of them are using white card paper or white cardboard paper to manufacture, 250gsm ~ 300gsm. We are a paper printing factory from China, located in Guangzhou which have the most advance supply chain, include raw materials and shipping all over the world logistics service, that is why we are confident we can offer our custom with lowest cost for their paper box printing requirement with the best solution.

1. House Shape Paper Box

   The House Paper Box is kept closed by a locked lid on the roof, making it easy to open and expose the products inside. 
   This type of paper box is usually used to pack some small gift, like candy or snack as a gift then share to others. 
   The special shape plus vivid full color printing or other special process, like Hot Stamping, Spot UV etc., made your gift package uniqe.

house shape paper box open flat
house shape paper box

2. Chamfer Cube Box
       The Chamfered Cude presents the product through a window opening and creates a unique contour.
       The bottom of the chamfer allows the box to display 45º instead of the standard 90º perpendicular to the ground.
       We can use the type of paper box to pack kids toys, special design made the kids toys packaging more joyful.

Chamfer Cube paper box open flat
chamfer cube paper box

That's all for today. We will keep updating the paper box type. Want to get more options? Welcome to follow us!