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Paper Box Type-2

Published time: 2024-05-16 11:37

Today we are going to share 2 more type of paper box which have special appearance that really easy to make your product stand out. Both of them have slanted edge, compare with streight edge, they are really special. Normally they are made by white card paper or white paperboard paper, 250gsm ~ 300gsm, so only suitable for some small product which is not very heavy. Is these type of paper box costs expensive? The answer is "NO". The cost is almost the same as vertical flat paper box, just a little big higher as the folding job is more complex than vertical flat paper box. If you want a special box to pack your products, they are your ideal choice.

1. Slanted Edge Paper Box 
    This slanted edge paper box has multi-printing area that you can full-fill it with different contents related to your product. It can be folded flat and is easy to pop out.  
   Imaging how wonderful when it stnads out from the vertical flat box.
Slanted edge box open flat
slanted edge box

2.  Slanted Edge Paper Box with hanger

   This is an extention paper box type of above style. This structure can also be folded and easily popped out.

slanted edge paper box with hanger
slanted edge box with hanger

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If you need to custom paper box for your products, welcome to let us know.