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Paper Box Type-1

Published time: 2024-05-16 10:44

In Huayinprinting, today we are going to show you part of paper box type in packaging industry. Generally they are suitable to pack small items, like cream, cables, pens, mouse, snack or something like that. Most of them are made by white card paper or white cardboard paper, 250gsm ~300gsm, with full color printing, plus spot UV, hot stamping or laser printing to make the paper box or product stand out. You can choose these paper box type to enhance your product protection and selling as they are very cost efectively. Almost all of them can be proceeded by machine, so the turn around time and quality is reliable.

1. 2 Tuck End Paper Box With Round Hole Insert:  
   This is a extention of 2 Tuck End Paper Box that are easy to fold flat, any insertion normally requires a separate componet. Here we will insert the design  as part of the main structure.
   The box also can be folded at a certain angle through its unique structure.

2. Auto-Locked Bottom Paper Box:
   This is a very traditional paper packaging box for product. This design allows the box to colllapse and pop out quickly. The special point is the bottom of the box can be locked automatically and provide strength & support for the weight of internal products. You will find it's one of the most popular paper box type as it's very cost efectitvely, no matter for production or shipment, if you want to save more cost, this is an ideal option for your paper box customization.

Please follow us, we will update at the soonest. If you are urgent, don't have idea to select the right paper box type for your paper boxes customization, just feel free to let us know.