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Pre Press Production Process For Offset Printing

Published time: 2024-04-23 09:57

Pre press production process as below:

1. Conceptualize, design, finalized plans, and prepare materials.

2. Use Photoshop to edit images, including editing, color matching, stitching, etc. Be sure to convert them to a 300dpi CMYK PDF file after processing

3. Use vector software to create graphics, and save them as EPS files in CMYK after completion.

4. Use a plain text writer to create text files.

5. After preparing all the materials, use typesetting software to combine them.

6. Handle trapping issues.

7. Make sample, proofreading, and correcting errors.

8. Use a Posts script printer to output and test the output reliability.

9. Prepare the output file, including the platform used, software used, files used, fonts used, font list and location, and requirements for output, etc.

10. Copy all files, including the font used, into MO or CDR and send them to the output company along with the output document.