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Color Differences In The Whole Process Of Paper Printing

Published time: 2024-04-22 09:23

Color differences in printing film pattern, sample, bulk production, and computer screens

1. Because the color formation between the monitor and the printed paper is completely different. The monitor uses the three primary colors of red, green, and blue to emit light to form an image. This color formation principle is called RGB and is widely used in TV and computer monitors.

2. Color printing is a process in which blue, red, yellow, and black inks are printed on paper products to form a color image. This principle is called CMYK and is widely applied in offset printing technology.

3. Another important reason for the significant difference between computer displays and printed materials is the color standard of the monitor. If your computer monitor is not properly colored, it is also necessary to ask professional technicians to adjust the display effect in a timely manner.

4. Different printing materials can also result in different printing effects. Generally speaking, art paper has brighter printing effects and colors than offset paper.

While you are creating your artwork design, no matter for magazine printing, catalog printing, paper bag or paper box, please consider above factors to make sure the product will come into a good effects.