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Turnaround Time For Paper Printing Order In China

Published time: 2024-04-21 21:21

The delivery time depends on the requirements of the printing order, generally the turnaround time is about 5~10 working days. Normally it's about 5 working days. The more complex the post-press processing technology (such as lamination, binding, die-cutting, UV, embossing, hot stamping, etc.), the longer will take, usually more than 5 working days. Customers can communicate with us before placing order.

Apart from the turnaround time will take from our factory, please consider the shipping time which will take much longer to your address, normally we will check it out for you before you place order to us. We suggest to ship by sea, because it's the cheapest way, but will take longest time, about 30 days or longer, if you are urgent, we can ship by air or international express, normally will take about 7~15 days.

So when you have the idea to do paper printing in china, you can send the inquiry to us before start to do the artwork design. That's good for you to control the whole project.