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Some Parameters of Paper

Published time: 2024-04-18 14:27

Some Parameters of Paper
1. Length and width: in China printing industry refers to the size of a large piece of paper, which is divided into two common specifications: 889x1194mm which will divid the size to A3, A4, A5 paper, while regular size paper (787x1092mm) is commonly referred to as B3, B4, and B5 paper.  This is just dividing a fully opened paper into several parts.
2. Grams refer to 1 meter wide x 1 meter long, and the weight measured by weighing is called grams, also known as weight. Normally interior page will use thinner paper, cover use heavier paper. most of them are counting in weight, like 80gsm/m2 or 60lb/m2, but sometimes we will measure with thickness, like 1.5 or 2mm paper board.
3. The price per ton refers to the price for one ton of paper, with one ton (T)=1000 kilograms (kg) and one kilogram=1000 grams (g)
4. Number of prints, also known as prints, refers to the quantity of prints you need to print. This is very important that quantities effect the cost a lot because of the fixed costs. The more you order, the cheaper price you willl get.
5. Paper specifications, refers to how many sheets of a large piece of paper (also known as a full sheet of paper) are opened.
6. Loss, also known as paper replenishment, refers to the increase in quantity during the printing process, causing loss during the printing process. We have to count this in to make sure paper is enough for order quantity.

The usual formula for calculating paper price is: length x width x weight x ton price x number of prints x number of sheets+10% loss=total paper price. For example, printing 5000 A4 sheets, using 157 grams of paper, the price per ton of paper is $1000=the price of paper is about $58.

To know more about paper or if there is something different from your country in printing industry for catalogue printing, magazine printing, carbonless forms, label sticker etc., welcome to let us know, let's learn together.