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Paper Box Type-4

Published time: 2024-05-19 08:26

Today in Huayinprinting.com, we are going to share 2 more box type which is widely used in toy packaging or other small electronic products.
Both of these 2 paper box type are foldable, that means we can ship them in unfolded condition to save more volume to avoid extra shipping cost.
We can use white card paper or white cardboard paper to manufacture it, 250gsm~300gsm, depend on the paper box size, the bigger size, the thicker paper need to be used.
Generally they are cost effective paper box type

1.  "Double Wall" Paper Box

This is the retail standard for the counter. "Double wall" refers to the thickness of the lid and base, as it can fold itself to increase regidity

foldable paper box construction
foldable paper box

2. Double Compartments Folding Paper Box

The same as its name, Double Compartments Folding Paper Box creates two independent compartments under a lid and base that can be individually scaled.

double compartment paper box contruction
double compartment paper box

Want to know more about the paper box type to enhance your products packaging?
Welcome to follow us, we will keep sharing more paper box type to help you find the best paper box solution.