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Differences Of Monochrome Black And CMYK Black In Printing

Published time: 2024-06-06 15:56

During printing, some unexpected detail problems are often encountered, such as: Why is the printed color not black enough when we design the file in CDR as black? Next, the editor will explain the difference between single black and four-color black to you, and how to set the CMYK value to print out pure black in the printing process.

Optically speaking, CMY three colors are combined into white light, but due to the opacity of printing ink, CMY is combined into black. In the early stage of the improvement of modern printing technology, this was also the basis for black coating. However, after the development of offset printing, the ink layer is relatively thin, and the color of the bottom layer penetrates out, making the hue impure. Therefore, the black group K is introduced. So if we want the printed product to show a pure black effect, we need to set the CMYK to 100 at the beginning of the design.black color printing on paper

As shown in the figure on the right side: the left single black is C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100, and the right four-color black is C:100 M:100 Y:100 K:100. The effects of the two blacks are different, one is grayish black, and the other is pure black.

Most printing factories tend to set the color value to C:40 M:30 Y:20 K:100 when printing pure black, because this setting can effectively avoid the problem of the back of the printed product being stained during printing due to excessive ink, and it can also make the ink dry quickly. Excessive ink will cause slow drying, which will affect other processes later.