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Some tips for paper bag material in garment industry

Published time: 2024-05-04 17:05

For garment industry, no matter in China or other country, it has been facing severe challenges in the past decade. With the rapid development of e-commerce, which has occupied a huge market of the retail industry, store retail in shopping malls is facing a new shift in sales methods and management concepts. It is necessary to rethink its commercial positioning, sales strategies, and design concepts. Despite the rapid development of e-commerce, some high-end brands still have great space for survival in physical market. Therefore, many high-end brand clothing stores have begun to pay attention to brand promotion, and customized handbags have become a common way in the clothing industry.

Most of the handbags customized by brand clothing stores in the market are mainly paper handbags. According to material classification, they can be divided into three common types: white card paper bags, white craft paper bags, and special paper bags. Here we will introduce the characteristics and differences of these three types of paper bags.

1. White card paper bags

White card paper bags are the most common type in paper bag industry, suitable for some middle-aged garment brands. The paper thickness available are 210gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm and 400gsm, and 250gsm is widely used. It's strong and thick, good load-bearing, and can be printed, laminated, hot stamped, embossed, spot UV and other processes.

2. White craft paper bags

Recently, white craft paper bags have gradually become popular and are most commonly used in some young clothing brands. The paper thickness include 80gsm, 120gsm, 150gsm, etc. Generally, the most common thickness is 150gsm, which is good rigidity and toughness, and can be used for printing, oiling, hot stamping, UV and other processes.

3. Special paper handbag

Compared to the previous two types of paper bags, special paper bag's usage is not as common as above 2 paper bags, because they have a wide variety of materials, different specifications, and limited usage, resulting in higher prices. There are various thickness available, including 80gsm, 120gsm, 150gsm, 180gsm, 250gsm, etc. The 250gsm black cardboard paper used for garment paper bags on the market is the most common one. The characteristics of special paper materials are energetic texture, elegant colors, unique patterns, and exquisite printing effects. Some special papers can be printed, laminated, hot stamping, UV, embossing and other processes.