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Possible Issues From Customer's Artwork Design

Published time: 2024-04-19 09:24

While you are creating your artwork design, we reminds you to pay attention to the following points in order to save your time:

1. Please confirm that all necessary files are included in the file, and the image file must be included in the document. Sometimes, although the image can be displayed, it is actually missing or has a low resolution. Therefore, please confirm the necessary images and provide a sufficiently accurate image file in the document. (Note: The image resolution cannot be lower than 300 pixels/inch)

2. Don't forget to copy in the necessary fonts and send it together with other file, or make the fonts rasterized. If not, the fonts might be change while we open it  because our computer don't have the fonts as you design..

3. Don't forget to convert the color of the linked image from RGB to CMYK, otherwise the film produced will have color confusion.

4. Please confirm if the same effect will be achieved when Pantone spot color is converted to CMYK color. After converting Pantone spot colors to CMYK, there is usually a certain difference between the two. Some Pantone spot colors can achieve the same effect according to output experience, but those Process Pantone Colors are definitely not achievable by CMYK. Therefore, the only solution is to increase panton colors, but this solution will cost extra.

Wish this reminder can help you while you are creating your design for catalogue printing, magazine printing, NCR forms printing.
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