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Special Offer For Carbonless Forms Printing

Item No:15-6806563
Product features:custom design
Category:Carbonless forms
Today we have a special offer for carbonless forms printing with below size: 130*190cm and 260x190cm, both of them are 3 part carbonless forms.
Welcome to contact us for more details if you have any interests.

To custom NCR formquotation we need: size, colors, how many sheets per set and how many sets per book, with serial No. or not, binding way, need paper padding or not, quantities

Paper stock: normally we will use 60gsm craft paper for cover, text pages use 50g carbonless paper, paper padding use 250gsm paper board. If you have other special requirement for paper stock, please let us know in advance.

Size: for carbonless book, our standard size is 210x290mm, not the same as international standard of 210x297mm. If you don’t have strict requirements on size, please consider 210x290mm, because it can save a lot of money.

Below are the standard size we have for carbonless form book: 

210x290mm   210x190mm   210x145mm     210x110mm   210x95mm   145x105mm

190x260mm   175x190mm   130x190mm   105x190mm   175x95mm   95x130mm

Color: normally cover don't need printing; text pages use 1c black/0c printing, if you have other requirements, please let us know.

Pages: 2 carbonless paper /set, 3 carbonless paper /set, 4 carbonless paper /set, 5 carbonless paper/ set, etc. Basically, we bind 100 carbonless paper /book. If you need to bind more or less, please let us know in advance. Below are the pictures for your reference;

Serial No: In red color with 7 numbers. If you have other requirement for this, please let us know in advance.

Binding: perfect bound and saddle stitch is widely use. Normally we will use perfect bound.

Quantity: Small quantity is acceptable, but suggest to order 500pcs/design, because the total price gap is not big compare with quantity lower than 500pcs

Packaging: big plastic bag first, then standard corrugated carton box.

If you need to custom carbonless forms in China, welcome to mail your inquiry to: [email protected]


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