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Custom Paper Bags For Bakery From China

Item No:17-6806583
Product features:good service low cost
Category:Paper bag
Factory custom paper bags for bakery from China with low cost and fast lead time.
size: custom       
Paper: 120gsm craft paper             
Printing: cmyk offset printing             
Handle: twisted paper rope         
Load Capacity: about 3kgs               
Lamination: none

To offer custom printed paper bags quotation, quotation we need: bag size, paper stock, handle material, colors, finishing, quantities.

Size: L*W*H (inches or mm)
Paper type: C1S paper, C2S paper, gray background whiteboard paper, white background whiteboard paper, brown kraft paper, white kraft paper, black cardboard, special paper, aluminum foil paper, etc

Paper stock: currently 200gsm ~ 350gsm C1S paper, art paper and is widely used. Craft paper will use 100gsm~200gsm. We also can use other type of paper as per your requests.

Colors: Normally 4c/0c printing or as per your requests. If you need pantone color printing, please let us know the pantone color code.

Handle material: PP handle, paper rope handle, cotton rope, ribbons, direct die cut handle etc.

Finishing: Glossy or matte lamination outside
Other processing: spot UV or gold/ silver hot stamping, please let us know the size.

Quantity: 1000pcs/ design, the more you order, the price will be cheaper.

Packagingbig plastic bag first, then standard carton box.

Paper options for paper bag

C1S paper: It is sturdy and thick, with high stiffness, durability, and smoothness. The paper surface is flat, and the paper bags printed on C1S have full colors and excellent texture. It is your preferred choice for customization.


C2S paper: The characteristics of C2S paper are that the paper surface is very smooth and flat, with high whiteness, smoothness, and good glossiness. It also gives the printed graphics and images a three-dimensional sense. The commonly used thickness is 128-300g, and the printing effect of C2S paper is the same as that of C1S paper


White kraft paper: high burst resistance, good toughness, high strength, uniform thickness, stable color image, made of 100% pure wood pulp, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, can be recycled and reused environmentally friendly. The paper has good toughness and does not require lamination. It is widely used in environmentally friendly clothing handbags, high-end shopping bags, etc.


Kraft paper: also known as natural kraft paper. Has high tensile strength, toughness, usually brownish yellow, tear resistance, rupture, and dynamic strength, widely used in shopping bags, envelopes, etc


Black cardboard: a special type of paper with double-sided black. The characteristics are delicate paper, firm and thick, good folding resistance, smooth and even surface, good stiffness, good tensile strength, high burst resistance, suitable for gold or silver hot stamping, etc

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