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FESPA’s Planet Friendly Guides for screen and digital print

Published time: 2017-01-15 10:22

The guides enable printers to find information specific to their own print processes and business priorities, making it easier to access the information that matters.

In addition to the introductory guide entitled ‘Sustainability and the Future’, the ten subject guides cover: 

  •          Pollution for Screen Printers
  •          Pollution for Digital Printers
  •          Hazardous Substances
  •          Emissions to Water
  •          Emissions to Air for Screen and Digital Printers
  •          Waste for Screen Printers
  •          Waste for Digital Printers
  •          Paper and Other Substrates
  •          Environmental Management Techniques for Screen Printers
  •          Energy for Screen and Digital Printers

The Guides aim to provide screen and digital printers with everything they need to know about printing sustainably.

The best available techniques, included in the Guides, give proven practical methods that can also generate financial savings. The Guides can assist printers who are planning to undertake any Environmental Management Certification.


The environment is a global topic that involves all the major industrialised nations. This has led to multi-international agreements such as the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols, the Durban Climate Change Conference, the Rio Earth and the Copenhagen Summits.

The European Union (EU) has been an early adopter of these agreements through various Directives and Regulations. The standards set by the EU in this field are often used as the benchmark by countries all over the world. However, there may be differences and the Guide user should always check with their local government bodies.

The FESPA Planet Friendly Printing Guides are based on these EU Directives and full details of references to this legislation can be found in the appropriate section of the Guide.


FESPA’s Associations and their print company members can use and translate the Guides and the images used in them at no cost.

History of the Guide

The Guides are based on FESPA’s Planet Friendly Guide which has been used as the print industry’s reference on this subject since it was created by FESPA in January 2004. Under the expert guidance of Michel Caza and Paul Machin, the Planet Friendly Guide has been developed and regularly updated for use by screen and digital printers all over the world.

Michel Caza is a multiple award-winning leading light in the global screenprinting industry, and one of the ‘founding fathers’ of FESPA in 1962 and has been a Board Member since 1990.

Paul Machin, now retired, is a chemist and lawyer. Paul has spent 40 years dealing with European and international issues relating to the health, safety and environmental topics within the printing industry.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in the Guides is correct as at August 2014, readers are asked to note that FESPA makes no representation, expressed or implied.