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Color-Logic Names Color Expert John Sweeney to Color-Logic A

Published time: 2011-11-10 15:48

Color-Logic has named John Sweeney to the Color-Logic advisory Board. Widely known in the printing industry as a champion of standards for publications and color, Sweeney has an extensive background in bringing new technologies to market. He served as Vice President of Marketing for the Graphic Arts Technology Foundation (GATF) and pioneered the use of online instrumentation for the control of color and soft proofing technologies. Sweeney sits on several industry standards committees and is an officer of several industry associations.

Announcing the appointment, Color-Logic Chief Technology Officer Richard Ainge commented: “John Sweeney brings Color-Logic many years of experience in the successful implementation of cutting edge technologies in the printing and publishing industries. His experience and counsel will be invaluable in making the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System even more popular and widely accepted than it has already become in the few months since its introduction.” Sweeney responded: “The Color-Logic technology provides brand managers and owners with the ability to differentiate their packaging, signage, labels, and marketing materials, while continuing to use their current printing and design technologies. Color-Logic is one of the most affordable value-added print technologies any printer or converter can add to their portfolio of printing capabilities, and produces a quicker return on investment than virtually any other process enhancement.”