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Various Processing Methods Of Book Covers For Book Printing

Published time: 2024-04-14 16:21

For Book printing, the main processing methods of book covers apart from printing are as below:
1. Glossy lamination: the opposit effect of matt lamination, bring a bright and vivid effect for book cover, it's one of the most common processing methods for book cover.

2. Matte lamination: Giving a non-glossy, smooth surface for a classic and refined look. it's one of the most common processing methods for book cover.

3. Die-cutting: Creating shaped cutouts or patterns on the cover for a unique design.

4. Spot UV: Adding a shiny and glossy effect to specific areas of the cover.

5. Embossing: Creating a raised effect on the cover for a tactile and visually appealing texture.

6. Debossing: Creating a recessed effect, giving a sophisticated and elegant look.

7. Gilding & Foiling: Applying gold or other metallic finishes for a luxurious appearance.
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